xDITTO launching on Binance Smart Chain!

🗣 xDITTO is a new, non-rebasing token that will serve as a secondary asset to DITTO

Allowing the DITTO community to use a greater variety of yield farms, increasing DITTO’s market cap and lowering its volatility. 👨‍🌾

Parallel to the xDITTO launch, we are preparing to announce additional partnerships!

— Right out of the box, xDITTO holders will be able to earn BAKE rewards on BakerySwap by staking xDITTO-BNB LP tokens!

xDITTO’s code also contains new features that will allow us to implement better governance apps and single staking later on.

📖 How does it work?

xDITTO being a non-rebasing token means that the supply is not elastic and is not affected by rebases.

$xDITTO can only be created by 🔐 locking $DITTO.

  1. Lock DITTO to mint xDITTO
  2. Burn xDITTO to redeem DITTO
  3. 👉 xditto.ditto.money

💱🔄🔵 Rates for minting and burning xDITTO

👉 automatically adjust when DITTO experiences a rebase

👉 xDITTO is a regular BEP20 token whose price reflects the changing DITTO market cap over time

👉 the conversion rate is adapted automatically with every rebase.

For example, assume that the initial rate is:

1 (one) xDITTO = 1 DITTO.
If there’s a 5% positive rebase in DITTO, then 1 xDITTO = 1.05 DITTO.
If there’s a 5% negative rebase in DITTO, then 1 xDITTO = 0.95 DITTO.

❎💹✅ ️The adjustments compound over time such that the price of xDITTO reflects the increase or decrease of DITTO’s market cap.

💰 What is the price?

The price of xDITTO moves in real-time with the value of DITTO. But it does *not* change during the rebase.

For example, let’s say DITTO goes to $1,25. There’s a 5% rebase.’
After the rebase DITTO price is $1.18, but the xDITTO price still $1.25.

⏰ When does it launch?

xDITTO will launch on March 30th, 2021.

xDITTO Smart Contract Address: 0xB0a1DE764A033A76f28E821fBe402EDBFEe937dB

Mint and burn xDITTO here → xditto.ditto.money

BAKE farming with XDITTO-BNB LP will start on March 30th, 2021.

We are announcing more partnerships soon ;)

🆙 only.

Stay tuned! 💸

Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.