What is xDitto?

Hi Trainers,
Today we bring you a short article about us!

3 months ago $xDITTO was launched with the purpose of being an asset that increases $DITTO marketcap, lowers its volatility and also improves its governance system.

How does it work?
$xDITTO can only be created by 🔐 locking $DITTO
Lock DITTO to mint xDITTO
Burn xDITTO to redeem DITTO

👉 https://app.ditto.money/

Rates for minting and burning xDITTO
👉 Automatically adjust when DITTO experiences a rebase
👉 xDITTO is a regular BEP20 token whose price reflects the changing DITTO market cap over time
👉 The conversion rate is adapted automatically with every rebase.
For example, assume that the initial rate is:

1 (one) xDITTO = 1 DITTO.
If there’s a 5% positive rebase in DITTO, then 1 xDITTO = 1.05 DITTO.
If there’s a 5% negative rebase in DITTO, then 1 xDITTO = 0.95 DITTO.

✅ ️The adjustments compound over time such that the price of xDITTO reflects the increase or decrease of DITTO’s market cap.

What is the price? 🤔
The price of xDITTO moves in real-time with the value of $DITTO.
But it does *not* change during the rebase.

For example, let’s say DITTO goes to $1,25. There’s a 5% rebase.’
After the rebase DITTO price is $1.18, but the xDITTO price is still $1.25.

Use cases
In the Arena, we can stake $xDITTO and earn different DeFi assets, bringing another range of applications and partnerships.

If you need assistance make sure you check out our educational videos at https://www.instagram.com/dittomoney_/channel/

A better version of governance is being deployed that allows trainers to vote on proposals.
Trainers can access it in our dApp or https://snapshot.org/#/dittomoney.eth.

How can I make profits with $xDITTO?
Being up to date with the project news and roadmap is always a good strategy to have, make sure you follow https://t.me/dittoANN and our social media platforms!
Due to its tokenomics, we recommend for all trainers to pay close attention when there is a positive rebase about to happen on $DITTO.. 😉

Links below! 👇


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Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.

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Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.

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