We are launching the DITTO Ambassadors Club!

Hey Trainers,

We are super thrilled to launch our DITTO Ambassadors Club! This is our first community engagement program and you have nothing to lose, only to gain!

What is it you ask? The Ambassadors Club rewards the most engaging community members. When a trainer vouches for Ditto, he gets rewarded in Ditto.

1000 $DITTO per month for our most active community members.

Here’s how it works:

Join the Club! Register here: https://dittomoney.socialmining.club/
Spread the word on our social channels
Likes, Comments, Retweets, etc
Accumulate points & join the Leaderboard
Earn $DITTO!

That is it! Each activity earns you points, and all your activity is automatically recorded at the Ambassadors program.

We hope to see you on our social channels, so come and engage! If you have any questions, that’s what we’re here for. A big thank you to all our trainers for your continued support.

Find out more below!👇

Join us around
Medium — https://dittomoney.medium.com/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/dittomoney_

Announcements — https://t.me/dittoANN
Community — https://t.me/dittomoney

Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.

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