Farm BOOSTED Ditto-BNB LP with AUDITED contracts only at Jetfuel.Finance!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Jetfuel.Finance!

Together we will offer an audited BOOSTED CAKE & BNB farming vault exclusively for DITTO-BNB liquidity providers!

We have funded the BOOST function with 150 BNB for the Ditto-BNB V2 Jetfuel Vault. This an extra $18,750 in weekly rewards exclusively for Ditto-BNB LP holders!!!

Did someone say AUDIT?!?!

Audit report from Vidar the Smart Contract Auditor:


NOTE: If you are already staking in the current Ditto-BNB LP vault → simply move from V1 to Ditto-BNB V2!

Make sure to move your LP to the Ditto-BNB V2 Vault

Everyone else please do the following:

Go to Pancakeswap to obtain Ditto-BNB LP tokens. The liquidity link is here:

Deposit Ditto-BNB FLIP tokens into the Jetfuel Vault here:


The Jetfuel Vault will collect cake rewards per block and 0.00075 BNB per block (from the 150 BNB per week).

Our harvesting script or a user will press the harvest button. The farmed Cake and boosted BNB is used to create more Ditto-BNB LPs and is redeposited into the vault, increasing everyone’s LP!

Withdraw your extra Ditto-BNB LPs whenever you want! Please note there is a 0.5% withdrawal fee from all the vaults.

Important Links

Buy $DITTO on PancakeSwap (the Uniswap of BSC)

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