DITTO is hosting a $5000 Video Contest!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a $5000 Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok video contest from Saturday, January 9th, 2021 until February 28th, 2021.

The goal of this competition is to spread awareness on several social media channels about ditto.money. Explain $DITTO token and educate newcomers about elastic supply, rebase, and how to earn triple rewards.

🥇 First prize will receive $1500
🥈 Second prize will receive $1000
🥉 Third prize will receive $500


🎁 All contestants regardless of winning or losing will enter into a random drawing for $100 each (maximum 10 randomly selected winners).

💝 The first 50 valid submissions will receive a thank-you prize of $10 regardless of winning or losing!

🤝 The top 5 referrals will receive $100 each.

Video Ideas:

1. What is $DITTO?
2. What is elastic supply and how does it work? Use DITTO to describe it.
3. What is a rebase? (negative, positive, neutral)
4. Explain the DITTO Dashboard.
5. How to provide liquidity for DITTO/BNB on PancakeSwap(using TrustWallet)?
6. How to stake $DITTO LP on ditto.money/staking and earn triple rewards?
7. Explain ditto.money/staking
8. What are the reward multiplier and the BNB bonus pool?

Feel free to come up with your own idea for a video. Be creative. Be original.
Priority will be given to submissions that focus on explaining DITTO to newcomers. In addition, we will look at the quality of content. So take your time and do your homework ;)

Contest Rules:

1. Share your video on Twitter, TikTok, or Youtube and use the hashtag #DITTOVideoContest
2. Tag @dittomoney_ on Twitter and make sure to follow us.
3. Use the cashtag $DITTO
4. Like, comment, and share this tweet → https://twitter.com/dittomoney_/status/1347889727358300167
5. Join the official DITTO telegram group.
5. Submit your video here 👉 https://forms.gle/U2hvAkfwuMBt8Zqy9
6. Content must be original. Copied videos will automatically be disqualified.
7. English is not a requirement. You can use any language you want. We value our international community. Everybody is welcome to join this contest.

How winners will be chosen:

1. All participants must submit their entries on this form before March 1st, 2021 👉 https://forms.gle/U2hvAkfwuMBt8Zqy9
2. The DITTO team will review all submissions.
3. The winners will be made public on March 7th, 2021.
4. Prizes will be distributed by March15th, 2021.
5. All decisions are final.

We are excited to see your submissions!

Important Links

Buy $DITTO on PancakeSwap




Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.

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Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.

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