NOTE: We will update this document on a regular basis!


Where can I buy $DITTO?
You can buy directly on PancakeSwap

Where can I see the current supply of DITTO?
At the moment either on BSCScan or on our Dashboard.

What is the maximum supply of DITTO?
There is no maximum supply. Friendly reminder that DITTO has an elastic supply.

What is the token allocation?
70% public sale
15% LP staking rewards
10% ecosystem fund
5% initial liquidity

Why is my DITTO balance constantly changing?
Get familiar with the concept of elastic supply. It is very well explained in this medium article

What is the price target of DITTO?

What is a “Rebase”?
The goal of DITTO is to maintain a stable price at around $1. To achieve this there are daily supply adjustments called “Rebases”. Rebases are done in such a way that users’ proportional holdings aren’t diluted: A rebase changes every wallet balance by the same amount while also instantly increasing or decreasing the token price on decentralized exchanges.

NOTE: There is no way to circumvent a rebase.
A rebase will affect all DITTO tokens. Also, DITTO tokens that are staked on PancakeSwap. Tokens in the liquidity pool. Etc. There is no exception here!

When rebase?
Rebase can be triggered via our dashboard up to six times a day.
The rebase has to be activated manually via the “Rebase” BUTTON.

Who can trigger a rebase?
Everybody. First come first serve!
Once a rebase is activated it will affect all wallet balances.
The cooldown on the dashboard will reset to 4h.

Rebase Formula:
Positive rebase adjusts by price difference / 5.
E.g. if the price is $1.10 the rebase is +2%.
Negative rebase adjusts by price difference / 2.
E.g. If price is $0.90, rebase = -5%.

Types of Rebases:
Positive rebase above $1.06 (supply will increase)
Negative rebase below $0,96 (supply will decrease)
Neutral rebase in a price range of $0,96 — $1.06 (this means that the supply will not change)

Is the Ditto code public?
Ditto Token
Contract Address
Ditto Master
Preliminary Oracle

Is the Ditto code audited?
No, it was not audited. However, our code has been carefully reviewed and tested and we have studied all audit reports of Ampleforth. The code we have forked (uFragments) has been in production on the Ethereum mainnet for almost 2 years. We have also done threat modeling and are aware of all past exploits, like messing up the rebase with flash loans, exploiting race conditions in the AMM sync process, etc. We have added appropriate countermeasures.

Ditto was also live on testnet for several days → read more.

Will I be able to stake and/or farm DITTO?
You can currently stake DITTO/BNB LP tokens on PancakeSwap. You can farm $CAKE with them. Click here to try it.

You can stake $CAKE and farm DITTO as well. Click here to try it.

Current Roadmap:
December 2020
- Launch of dual staking program. Ditto users will be able to stake DITTO-BNB tokens on the Ditto website to earn both DITTO and CAKE rewards.
- Get listed on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
- Submit logo to BSCScan and get our team wallets tagged by them

January 2021
- Governance: Implement snapshot strategy to enable voting for token holders and LPs.
- Ditto NFT MVP launch. Users can earn and purchase the first batch of DITTO NFTs. DITTO NFTs will make users eligible for perks and bonuses
- Announce first two ecosystem partnerships

February 2021
- Formal launch of multisig governance
- more tba

Q2 2021
- Build out NFTs and gamification features
- more tba

LAST UPDATED on 23.12.2020

Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.

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