$10,000 DITTO Trading Competition on PancakeSwap!

We are excited to announce our second $10,000 Trading Competition on PancakeSwap🚀🚀🚀

Trade DITTO on PancakeSwap and receive your share of the 10,000 USD prize pool!

All Trainers who achieve a total effective trading volume of 1000 DITTO or more (including buys & sells) on PancakeSwap DITTO/BNB pair will share an exclusive prize pool of 10,000 USD, based on the proportion of each user‘s total DITTO trading volume.

Reward Calculation:

The reward for each qualified Trainer = (Each Trainer’s total effective trading volume / all qualified users’ total effective trading volume) * $10,000

The rewards will be airdropped to winning wallet addresses 24-48h after the trading competition has ended.


Prize pool: 10,000 BUSD

Period: 10 days

Start: 12.02.21 - Block 4831150

End: 22.02.21


Minimum trading volume per Trainer: 1000 DITTO

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Good luck and happy trading ;)

Our supply is like ditto. It has the ability to reconstruct its entire cell structure according to the current price.